Contraband, disguised as clothing, seized in VET Kozlovichi - photo

PTO employees Kozlovichi during the customs control of the truck for sale, en route from Germany to Kazakhstan, found the goods are not claimed in the accompanying documents. The basis for the customs inspection was the Drawdown of risk analysis and management of a possible violation of customs legislation. According to documents provided by the vehicle driver a citizen of Russia, the territory …

26 November 2011

Proctology in Ulyanovsk

• Wirtschaftswoche: Germany lost respect in the eyes of Russians »»»
Tourist attraction Germany has fallen considerably in the eyes of the Russians in the last year.
• Why Ukraine wants to be a Russian? »»»
The news that the Verkhovna Rada a bill providing for a ban on the use of the term "Russia" as a synonym for a geographical name of the Russian Federation, excited the minds on both sides.
• Friday morning: Poroshenko had to fly around Russia on his plane »»»
October 8, at around noon, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, a two-day visit to Kazakhstan.
• Russian ECMall 2.2.1 »»»
After the release of his older brother - ECShop (single-user professional shop) by shopex.
• In Latvia, the officials decided to distribute three tons of ice cream »»»
Food and Veterinary Service of Latvia announced its intention to distribute 3.