Indian magician was angry, let loose snakes in the tax administration

Angry snake charmer from the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh has released dozens of reptiles in a state institution, causing chaos and panic, the BBC reported.

The man, whom the Western media called Hakkulom from the village of Basti district of Lara, let snakes, among whom were several cobras in the revenue office of the city Harrayya. A lot of frightened visitors and staff offices in a hurry left the building, the rest fled, climbed on furniture. No one was stung or wounded, but the snakes are still looking around the building.

Hakkul in his village has saved many lives: it is commonly called, if there’s a dangerous snake notice, told a local journalist Mazhar Azad. He worked for the authorities to a plot of land where he could hold his own snakes appealed to various government agencies and even wrote a petition to the president. Then he said that he received the approval of senior management, but local authorities have tightened the issue.

On Tuesday Hakkul could not stand the waiting, went to the tax office with a support group and freed of poisonous snakes from his bag. “Snakes crawling on tables and chairs. The building was full of people, about a hundred employees and more visitors,” - said Azad.

“Reigned in continuous chaos, which lasted several hours. Some have started to remove what is happening on their phone cameras. Others got blankets and tried to throw a snake. There were those who, armed with sticks, beat Hakkula wanted.”

Now Hakkula and his supporters, who escaped during the confusion, trying to find.

1 December 2011

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