Spending Presidents

The leaders of post-Soviet countries - are very busy people. They carry on their shoulders the burden of human problems and take care of people.

Usually it is the burden they carry several presidential terms, and some for life. Therefore, without rest to them in any way. How do they rest? - This is what we tell you today.

The fashion for outdoor activities and various hobbies among the first persons in the CIS is, of course, from Russia. Boris Yeltsin once instilled a love of tennis post-Soviet leaders. With this hobby Kremlin they somehow managed. But for the present Russian leadership is difficult to keep executives sngeshnym. Who among them will be like Putin walk under the supervision of cameras to practice judo, control race cars, submersible down to the bottom of Lake Baikal, to sit at the helm of the strategic bomber Tu-160, or dive in the Barents Sea on board a nuclear submarine? Participants of the club president of the CIS, especially from Asian countries, choose the more “quiet” hobby: hunting, collecting, - says political scientist Paul Usov.

Pavel Usov: President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov loves books and tennis. His ideal statesman Timur Tamerlane. By the way, cruelty Karimov does not differ from their ideal. One of his catch phrase is: “Better one hundred prisoners, a thousand deaths.” In an interview, Karimov said that he needed the Uzbek language, when he thinks about spiritual matters, morality, but if you need answers to everyday questions of policy and economy, the thinking in Russian.

Tajik leader known for his love of hunting and collecting. In addition, he an avid reader and writer. He is interested in global issues.

Pavel Usov: Tajik President Emomali Rahmon fan of hunting, in addition collects historical and antiques, as well as listening to classical oriental music, and enjoys reading fiction and historical literature. Especially emphasizes the poem Firdausi “Shah Namah” which translates as “The Book of Kings.” In addition to reading books, Rahmon also likes to write them. He is the author of books on political history in Tajikistan: “Tajikistan’s independence and the rebirth of the nation,” “The Tajiks in the Mirror of History”, “Tajikistan and its role in solving global problems,” “A thousand years in one life.”

Literary hobby, although not global, and penetrated to the presidential palace in Turkmenistan. The head of this country wrote poetry. What, - says Pavel Usov.

Pavel Usov: Berdymukhamedov, the Turkmen president, prefers hunting, “as a possible meeting with the diverse nature of Turkmenistan.” Among his hobbies Berdymukhammedov also notes the reading of books and even write poetry about the motherland, the people, its achievements. Perhaps Berdymukhammedov will proceed through the former President of Turkmenistan and publish their own “Ruhnama.”

7 December 2011

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