Imam forbade women to approach the bananas and cucumbers

An unnamed Muslim cleric banned from Europe for women to approach the fruit and vegetables, which resemble the male sex organ. Thus, the imam hopes to secure the fair sex from sin - that is, from “thinking about sex.”

As written before the Egyptian news site Bikya Masr, imam believes that women are not even close to bananas or cucumbers.

“If women want to use them for food, the third party, preferably a male relative (father or husband) should cut the fruit into small pieces and serve a woman as such” - instructs a Muslim cleric.

As explained by the imam, cucumbers and bananas “resemble a man’s penis” and therefore able to bring women or “get them thinking about sex.” By “dangerous” for women, it also classifies vegetables carrots and zucchini.

Meanwhile, news of these regulations spread quickly over the Internet and became an occasion for discussion forums liberal Muslims who are new fatwa on the one hand enraged, and on the other - forced to shame for such deductions made by the theologian.

According to the newspaper The Times of India, the problem of humiliation and oppression of women in the ultra-conservative Islamic societies has now become the subject of intense debate throughout the world.

8 December 2011

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