The official announcement of “YouTube TV”

A few weeks ago, the Internet has information on the establishment of a multi-channel television YouTube Internet TV. Even before the weekend, YouTube finally confirmed the rumors, and became available page showing the program, which will appear in a new project. In writing to the official blog you can find information about what to create television was to provide a wider range of entertainment, so …

10 December 2011

Imam forbade women to approach the bananas and cucumbers
For example, I do not want to die.

• Show Guide-your guide to the world of entertainment! »»»
Everyone wants an artist, band, a talented manager or an enterprising restaurateur is free to register on our portal and to provide comprehensive information about the services offered.
• Tasty discounts at restaurants and cafes »»»
Tomorrow 8 MARCH! Want to go to a restaurant or cafe?
• Who will get luxury holidays in Turkey? »»»
One of the leading Turkish operators announced its intention to provide the Russian holidaymakers all the rooms of one of the best hotels in the popular resort of Antalya at a price ranging from $ 1 to $ 10 per person per night!
• My World of Mail.RU »»»
Famous Russia portal Mail.Ru started testing the next web2.0 project entitled “My World”, through which all users can manage their own blogs, photos and videos from a single interface.
• "Mail of Russia" will create a Russian analogue Amazon »»»
FSUE "Russian Post" intends to create online trading platform, which is positioned as the Russian equivalent of Amazon and eBay.