For example, I do not want to die.

In the High Court in London to continue proceedings, recognized the most expensive in the history of British courts - a process between Russian oligarchs Boris Berezovsky and Roman Abramovich. At today’s hearing with the help of an expert on Russian law Michael Rosenberg, the court continued to find out, whether in Russia expired limitation period for Berezovsky.

10 December 2011

The official announcement of “YouTube TV”
Bulk and Yashin rally even under arrest

• Die Welt: Europeans are shocked by the heat of Russian and Russian: on the beach in 35 drink vodka »»»
Moscow, as well as Europe, groaning from the sizzling heat, wrote Die Welt, adding that for many Russians, the weather has become an occasion to relax with alcohol near water.
• Back to the Future. Russia again waiting for a tough anti-alcohol campaign led by EP »»»
Deputies and senators are planning to develop anti-alcohol bill, which in its essence is similar to the recently adopted tough anti-smoking law.
• The American was jailed for laughing in court »»»
Last Friday in one of the courts of North Carolina was scheduled for hearing in the case of 47-year-old John Montgomery.
• Muslims in London "dressed" in a veil of images on posters models »»»
18-year-old resident of London Mohammad Hasnat Muhammad Tahir and found a unique way to fight against “western filth” that law enforcement agencies considered an offense to religion.
• Comparing the results of the periods 1945-1960 (RSFSR) and 1995-2010 (RF) »»»
Today, any responsible citizen of Russia, the questions arise: What became modern Russia as a result of numerous reforms?