Pyongyang threatens to “unpredictable consequences” if Seoul will light the Christmas tree on the boundary

North Korea[/t[t:tag slug=koreya]Korea warned South Korea of ​​”unpredictable consequences” if Seoul ignite near the boundary of a large Christmas tree, according to ABC News.

North Korea, whose citizens are found in most call themselves atheists, according to this act of “psychological warfare effort” and promises to take action immediately, as soon as the Christmas lights will be lighted.

Seoul usually lights the Christmas tree at 155-meter hill in the south, 3 km from the border with North Korea. Traditionally, South Korea lit the Christmas tree to 2003. In 2004, between the Koreas reached an agreement on cessation of advocacy in the border region.

But last year, Seoul newly lit Christmas tree in protest after North Korea fired a frontier island Enphendo in the Yellow Sea, killing four people.

11 December 2011

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