“Naked feminists” have disappeared in Minsk after the campaign against Lukashenko’s KGB building

Three activists notorious for its nude protest activities Ukrainian feminist movement FEMEN and operator mysteriously disappeared when held on the eve of fuel-shares (VIDEO) against the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko at the KGB headquarters in Minsk, told colleagues in the organization blog for girls wrestling.

Information about the disappearance of activists confirmed on Tuesday to “Interfax” FEMEN representative named Anna. “Telephones of our girls (Shevchenko Inna Shachko Oksana Nemchinova Alexandra, as well as videographer FEMEN Kitty Green) is still off. The girls were 5-6 hours free, then leave together and disappeared,” - she said.

According to Anna, and journalists the night before told her that the missing activists were looking at the central police stations, but was not found. “There is a chance to try to see them in court, where there will judge all those detained yesterday. But all are inclined to believe that they are in the KGB” - added the activist.

As noted in the blog traffic for several hours after the rally the girls were at liberty, and from 18:00 Kyiv time, Inna, Oksana, and Kitty Alexander stopped to get in touch, all their phones were disconnected.

Girls on Monday stripped the building of the KGB in Minsk to mark the anniversary of the Belarusian opposition campaign “Area”. Activists held placards above his head: “Long live Belarus” and “Freedom to political prisoners” (”Freedom to political prisoners”). The main requirement, explained in FEMEN, was the release of political prisoners. Alexander Nemchinov was “made-up” under Lukashenko - the head she wore a wig with a bald head, and under his breath hitched his mustache. Two other girls also stuck a mustache similar to those worn by the Belarusian leader.

As explained in the blog, “the activist women’s movement FEMEN poperli chest on the General Staff of the KGB in Minsk.” A post also said that his example feminists urged Belarusians do not be afraid of Lukashenko and “a decisive battle mode KGBatki clown.”

Belarusian authorities do not know about the fate of feminist

Initially, the media reported that during the campaign had been detained several journalists, and feminists have managed to escape. Head of Press Service of the State Border Committee of Belarus Alexander Tishchenko, “Interfax” that “the summary did not pass on information about the arrest on the border of these women citizens.” The head of the KGB, Alexander Antonovich TSIOS generally declined to comment on reports about the possible arrest of Ukrainian feminists.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus is also not yet confirmed the detention of activists FEMEN. This was to “Interfax” said a spokesman for the Ukrainian Foreign Minister Alexander Dikusar. “Ukrainian diplomats in Minsk in constant contact with the competent authorities of Belarus to get information”

20 December 2011

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