Tasks for students on December 24 from Andrew Konyayeva

On the eve of December 10th all Moscow schools were required to spend a day meeting at the Swamp area tests in the Russian language. December 24 meeting will be held at the prospect of Sakharov, Moscow and the Department of Education issued a statement again to check - this time in mathematics. We are in the “Lente.ru” decided to help the officials of the department and they raised a small list of ideologically correct problems of varying complexity that can be offered to all - students from fifth grade to high school olimpiadnikov.

1) Engage the Department of State Bulk Alex was arrested during an unsanctioned march on Butcher Street. From the place of detention a traitor to ATS “Taganskaya” - 8 miles, to ATS “Tver - 3 kilometers, and to ATS” Izmailovo “- 15 miles. In which of the ATS took Navalny, if the first tweet from the” monkey “, he wrote later, 3:00 and the average speed through Moscow traffic jams paddy wagons was 5 km / h?

2) The designer Igor received for taking part in a rally at the Swamp 500 rubles, photographer Ilya - 800 rubles, and a popular blogger Rustem - 1200 rubles. How much deceived these three participants gathering their grant-coordinator of Maxim, if the State Department asked him to bring to the meeting 20 people and committed to attracting crowd from the condition of uniform payment of 50 thousand rubles?

3) From gathering to rock the boat on December 24 Sakharov Prospekt 90% of hipsters, inscribed on the Event in the fashion of the American social network “Facebook”, and 10% - truancy students who organized the meeting through the national network “VKontakte”. Of those who did appear for Sakharov, inscribed on the Event in the “Facebook” will only make up 12 percent. How many traitors interests of the motherland will come to the rally was going to come if 44 000 people, the users’ VKontakte “will come into full force, and besides hipsters and students no one else will? (Consider that hipsters do not use “VKontakte”, and students - Facebook).

4) When a prominent political figure and diplomat, Dmitry Rogozin, speaking at the 25000th rallies in support of the constitutional system, he likes to shout “Glory to Russia!”. Vladimir Putin, while visiting Mr Medvedev in the Kremlin, hearing this right and patriotic slogan 1.1764705 seconds later. Following Dmitry Rogozin, “Glory to Russia!” gathered in the square shouted the young patriots. Given that the air temperature is around 0 degrees Celsius, the wind was blowing from the northwest and 25 thousand people scream louder megaphone Rogozin, calculate how soon Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev, will hear the voice of the people’s assent.

5) -8) See in the primary source

23 December 2011

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