Can Belarusian to marry a foreigner legally?

According to the Minsk House of marriage from Minsk often have to marry a citizen of such countries as Russia, Germany, Italy and Turkey, not strange. Only for the month of December I personally had to deal with a situation where devushkia (from Minsk) were interested in sightseeing programs outside the Republic of Belarus with Turkish citizens living temporarily in Minsk.

Flowers, walks through the city at night can be a maddening any girl, but what must not be forgotten, accepting the proposal from a foreign bride? To begin, ask yourself … “And well I know this man?”

Many cases when the suitors seeking to marry fictitious, to obtain a residence permit. And sometimes even found that young people have to be legally married, a prisoner in another country. Of course, that would not allow such a finale, a foreigner in marriage to a citizen of the Republic of Belarus, shall submit to the registrar a document proving that he is not married and that his previous marriage (if applicable) terminated.

But, dear girl, that’s all the nuances and complexities in marriage to a foreigner does not end there. Note especially the differences and legislation in different countries. It is very important, as we must not forget that a marriage made in Belarus, a native of say an Islamic country, has no legal force in his homeland. In the case of divorce, joint child born in an Arab state, remains at home with his father. Without the consent of his father and mother can not bring the child to his home. Think it worth it.

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23 December 2011

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