Polar bear cub, nicknamed blackjack became a sensation Internet

In place of the Berlin polar bear Knut, strabismus opossum Heidi and fan boxes Maru the cat grows a new generation of furry pets of the Internet audience. Polar bear cub named blackjack reared by people from birth, for his short life so far managed to get a crowd of fans around the world.

Teddy bear was born on November 22 in the Danish Scandinavian Wildlife Park, the site of which was announced when the kid. It soon became clear that his mother named blackjack Ilka did not have milk, and the park rangers had to take care of the baby itself. Already three months at a time zoologists duty at the crib baby, never taking her eyes off him for a minute. During the month of such care blackjack much stronger, has quadrupled its weight - up to 3.2 pounds - and opened his eyes.

The first video blackjack starring Scandinavian park published on the internet after almost three weeks after the birth of a baby. On the record shows the process of feeding the bear, and even then the video to gather a lot of comments in the style of “Oh so cute,” “What tum” and “I want this for Christmas.” The next video blog entry from the blackjack immediately made him a universal favorite. For five days the video has gained more than 600 000 hits. On the Facebook page for blackjack watch more than 12 thousand users.
Blackjack (Siku), translated from the Eskimo means “sea ice”. Zoologists from the Scandinavian park point out that this name was not chosen by chance: the ice drifting in the Arctic is a natural habitat for polar bears. There will be no ice - no polar bears, and such a scenario is highly probable, if we take into account the environmental forecasts about future global warming. Already, say zoologists, the population of polar bears is under threat. By some estimates, this species may completely disappear within 40 years.

Scandinavian Park is part of an international breeding program of polar bears in captivity. The purpose of zoologists called conservation populations in artificially created conditions where bears can live, regardless of changes in the environment. So Sicko, when old enough, do not go to their wild relatives, but will remain in Denmark and join the program for the breeding of polar bears.

27 December 2011

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