In Sweden, registered “pirate” religion “Kopimizm”

“Missionary Church kopimizma” became an official religious organization in Sweden, after years of bureaucratic struggle. The basic tenet of the new religion is the sanctity of information, but the main mystery - its free. Places of worship will be the sites where the participants will upload and download files. The founders of the “religion” out of the youth wing of Sweden’s Pirate Party. The founders of the party are hoping that now the fighters with the pirates will not be able to prevent them from freely distribute any copyrights, as this activity will be protected by Swedish law on freedom of religion.

5 January 2012

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• Missionary Church opened kopimizma - community, promoting the free exchange of information, it is already the Russian branch »»»
Church of the 21st century confidently on the planet. The official representative offices in the United States.
• Today, all over Russia rallies against a fee fishing »»»
Quoting and his cohorts continually lie where they can, that introduce a fee fishing on fish-cards offer themselves fishermen.
• The authorities of the Italian city ban mini-skirts »»»
The resort town Katellamare di Stabia in the south of Italy is going to prohibit in its territory mini-skirts and other revealing outfits to raise standards of public decency.
• Zyuganov suggested pioneers unite online »»»
Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov suggested to create social network for the Pioneers.
• The IOC has been criticized for the mass distribution of condoms in Vancouver »»»
The head of the organization “Catholic Athletes for Christ” Ray McKenna delivered a sharp criticism of the mass free distribution of condoms in the Olympic village in Vancouver.