The Russians are much more cultured vacation abroad. At home, too

Foreign media record that the Russian prefer to spend their Christmas holidays in the Alps. In recent years, in the first two weeks of January, tourists from Russia is traditionally a rest on the local ski slopes.

If 10 years ago the first weeks of January were dead season, but now thanks to the Russian hotel resorts such as Kitzbuhel and Solden, not to find almost no free space, quotes the manager of one of the alpine hotels Austrian newspaper Die Presse. About four thousand Russians settled in the village of Ischgl, with a population of just 1,600 people, writes InoPressa with reference to the publication.

About 20 thousand tourists from Russia raided last week in the hugely popular among wealthy Russians Courchevel. On the occasion of Orthodox Christmas at a ski resort was organized holiday coasting with the participation of several hundred French ski school instructors (ESF), said the French daily newspaper Le Parisien.

According to the mayor of Saint-Bon Courchevel Gilbert Blanc-Thayer, “in the first week of January, Russians make up 70% of the guests, but many of them and throughout the year.” 14 five-star resort hotels are mainly engaged in the Russians who come here in search of comfort, beautiful scenery and quality service.

The “prejudice and stereotypes of the past is no longer in vogue,” says the head of the Tourist Union Ischgl Andreas Shtaybl. “New Russian” who tossed money right and left, have sunk into oblivion. Times wild parties “a la Rus’ with champagne and vodka over.
On the “reality Prokhorov,” for a time overshadowed by the love of the Russians to Courchevel, no one remembers. According to the newspaper, today’s ski vacation in the Alps comes predominantly middle class, who prefers a quiet family vacation, but instead chooses a noisy disco procedures in spas and exquisite dinner. Under the “business Prokhorov” edition is referring to the scandal began in 2007 in Courchevel, when billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov, was detained by police on suspicion of involvement in the organization of an international prostitution networks due to the fact that he had brought with him “a charter of the best Escort Girl, leased at elite Moscow schools. ” In the end, after the proceedings conducted by the businessman was soon released from custody without charge.
Cancellation fee has caused quite a stir in Moscow’s museums

It is worth noting that another of the mass attendance, in particular, the Muscovites in New Year’s days became a museum. From 2 to 9 January 60 the city’s museums have worked for free. Some of them, for example, the Moscow State Museum “The House Burganova” State Museum of Biology. KA Timiryazev “New Arena” and the Moscow House of Photography you can visit quite easily.

Others - such as a museum and museum of the history of Bulgakov Gulag - in great demand. Meanwhile, in the galleries of Glazunov and Shilov, as well as a memorial in the apartment A. Pushkin in Arbat Street, lined up an impressive turn.

9 January 2012

Supporters of Putin “Uralvagonzavod” threatens to drive a tank in Yekaterinburg
“Facebook” last connected to social networks that have introduced video call function. “The first million” is already in alpha testing.

• ATOR: Russian regions broke the record of attendance of tourists during New Year holidays »»»
A record number of tourists visited the Russian regions in the New Year holidays, the press service of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR).
• In Arkhyz opened the first resort of the North turklastera »»»
On Sunday, March 18 at the resort Arkhyz (Karachai-Cherkess Republic) opened the first ski lift and two ski slopes.
• Sarkozy has banned ministers vacation abroad »»»
French President Nicolas Sarkozy has ordered the ministers to spend their vacations in France.
• Foreign tours in 2016 will cost twice as expensive than a vacation in Russia because of the increase in the dollar and the euro. "Bricked demons ..." »»»
Including this reason, many choose holidays in the Russian direction.
• State-owned companies have found a way to circumvent the recommendation Vladimir Putin (civil servants and officials are not going to limit themselves in lush New Year celebrations) »»»
State-owned companies are not going to indulge in conducting corporate lush holiday at public expense.