“Facebook” last connected to social networks that have introduced video call function. “The first million” is already in alpha testing.

The Social Network “OpenID” started testing video. About the same time, developers have notified users of the newsgroup Vkinform a few hours before the New Year.

From the message “OpenID”: “Already, the first million users can test the alpha version of the service” Video calls “.”

See how a video call in the preliminary version may only until the first million people who have joined the network. Those with less than one million ID must wait under the “send message” on the page icon appears “Camera.” “OpenID” promises to add to the setting item “Who can I call ‘to strangers or unwanted” friends “did not bother users.

According to portal C-news, the forums have already started to appear the first reviews of the work function at the current stage of alpha testing: while the service is unstable, some have noted that the video freezes after 2-3 seconds of communication.

10 January 2012

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