In Moscow, there were gangs, robbing stores, not for money but for the thrill

A new type of crime recorded in the capital, investigators: it is quite well-off and distant from the criminal world, people have created a gang and went to loot shops.

After work, they took the weapons got into the car and went to night fishing. Chose a small sales areas, where this late time buyers were few and no one could resist. And robbed.

Not just for the money - taken from their offices just a few thousand. Did it not to feed hijackers, and in search of thrills for adrenaline. Here’s a wild way to have fun over the murder.

Terrible maniac, a resident of the capital, killing more than a dozen Muscovites. At the same time a mentally ill killer was operating without a trace, and his capture - a great success of the Investigative Committee. These crimes for the first time told the readers of “Russian newspaper” head of the capital unit of the Investigative Committee of Russia Vadim Yakovenko.

Vadim, we are accustomed to think of the offender, as the unemployed, embittered man. The correct picture?

Vadim Yakovenko: Not always. Now we are investigating a criminal case against members of the criminal group, which for four years made more than 40 armed robberies at shops and post offices in Moscow and Moscow region. All the defendants, and their six people, residents of suburbs in age from 33 to 60 years, had a stable income and criminal activity engaged in leisure time.

Now all of them in custody. Investigators discovered that the criminals used the same scheme. In the evening, when the store had few visitors, armed men burst into the room and stole the proceeds and, as a rule, a minor amount. Many merchants, if the amount of damage does not exceed 10 thousand, not even considered it necessary to contact the police, what fueled the excitement and sense of impunity. Even the ancient Romans said that the greatest encouragement of crimes - impunity.

However, when the next attack by bandits have committed the murder. After that, all the criminal cases with similar handwriting, were removed from the crime to police and handed over to us. Together with the staff of Metropolitan CID apprehended all participants in the attacks.

12 January 2012

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