Where you can have fun on the weekend?

Where you can have fun on weekends? Case - the time and fun - weekend Most people devote most of their time making money. There’s no escape. Even when we do not work directly work, our brain is not completely excluded from the “manufacturing” process. According to the observations of psychologists, this situation is extremely detrimental to mental …

15 January 2012

In Moscow, there were gangs, robbing stores, not for money but for the thrill
“Costa Concordia” hit a reef, the captain of a desire to welcome a friend

• The census of nightingales will be held in Moscow at the weekend »»»
Traditional ‘Nightingale Nights “, when anyone can communicate in Russian Bird Conservation Union” address.
• In Moscow, there were gangs, robbing stores, not for money but for the thrill »»»
A new type of crime recorded in the capital, investigators: it is quite well-off and distant from the criminal world, people have created a gang and went to loot shops.
• Industrial climber lays out in his blog photos he defeated in sbroske ice dams from roofs machines »»»
One of the St. Petersburg industrial climbers he decided to spread on his blog photos of cars, smashed him or his friends when sbroske ice dams from roofs.
• The respite from the army after the operation »»»
This is the most energetic, perhaps, the most expensive project in the whole of his life, because Russian is not stingy, and their desire to be the best is already known to the world.
• Viktor Petrik: "I am a complicated person, with his pribabahami and I want to rehabilitation" »»»
You understand perfectly well that for my baiting paid. - Do you think that I got paid, too?