“Costa Concordia” hit a reef, the captain of a desire to welcome a friend

Italian cruise ship “Costa Concordia” could hit a reef due to the fact that Captain Francesco Skettino (Francesco Schettino) decided to bring the boat closer to shore and to welcome his friend on the island of Giglio, says The Daily Telegraph.

According to the newspaper, the conclusion made by the investigation. According to The Daily Mail, on the island of Giglio at the time of the crash was a friend Skettino ship, sailor Italian merchant fleet.

Actions 52-year Italian prosecutors Skettino called irresponsible and clumsy. The owners of the cruise liner company Costa Crociere confirmed The Daily Telegraph, that the cause of the crash was supposedly the human factor. In the company notes that until the appointment of Captain Skettino was responsible for the safety of ships.

Earlier Skettino stated that the ship struck a reef not marked on the map. In Costa Crociere said that at the time of the collision of the ship assigned to the course did not deviate. Prosecutors accuse Skettino of causing death by negligence and escape from a sinking ship before the end of the evacuation of passengers.

According to recent data, resulting in the collapse of the “Costa Concordia” on the night of January 14, six people were killed and 16 missing. In total, the board were more than 4,200 people, of whom 60 received injuries of varying severity.

“Costa Concordia” was built in 2006 in Genoa, and cost the owners of 450 million euros. Its length is 290 meters, width - 36 meters and a maximum speed - 23 knots. The Italian company Costa Crociere ship used for tourist cruises in the Mediterranean Sea. After the resulting hole “Costa Concordia” can not be restored.

16 January 2012

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