Started test electric cars BMW ActiveE

Prior to the sale of electric machines entirely Bavarian BMW automobile plant is not a lot of time and therefore the firm begins to test[/t:[t:tag slug=ispytanie]test a long personal electric vehicles in real conditions. Will take part in tests 200 people from different countries of the world that electric cars will be leased for a period of 2 years. Among the first who received the German electric trolley, has become …

17 January 2012

“Costa Concordia” hit a reef, the captain of a desire to welcome a friend
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Talking about the Non-Gasoline cars, many do not take them seriously, people do not believe that electric or hybrid cars can compete with old men.
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The other day governing constructor AvtoVAZ, Sergei rump conducted the first trip to the electric car, koy designed and chosen by himself, “AvtoVAZ” based on universal Lada Kalina.