Real stories about vampires

Despite the persecution, sometimes vampires could survive. For example, at the beginning of the XVIII century, was attacked by a vampire in a small town Liebava Hungary. At the initiative of Bishop Olmutskogo investigation was launched. The bell tower to monitor the cemetery was sent to a special person. One night he noticed that rose from the grave the body in a shroud. The vampire has left on the grave and the shroud disappeared from view.

23 January 2012

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• In Ulyanovsk, a former electrician propyl 20 lift engines out of homes, including own »»»
The attacker came in the entrance, for three minutes, blocked the movement of the elevator and a special key shot motor, the press secretary for the ATC Ulyanovsk Olga Bogatova.
• The best movies about vampires »»»
First place. “John Carpenter’s Vampires” (1998) John Carpenter took a great movie about these bloodsuckers, without unnecessary romanticize the image of a vampire.
• In the Udmurt Republic will be judged a rapist, sleeping in a cupboard at the victim »»»
Investigative agencies of the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Udmurtia completed investigation of the criminal case against a resident of Izhevsk 38-year old Leo Galperin.
• La popularité des zombies et les vampires - une conséquence de l'instabilité économique »»»
Vampires et zombies - cette question a longtemps été non seulement un des personnages de film d’horreur et héros populaire et aimé de la culture populaire.
• Les meilleurs films sur les vampires »»»
La première place. “Vampires de John Carpenter” (1998) de John Carpenter a pris un bon film au sujet de ces sangsues, sans inutiles idéaliser l’image d’un vampire.