In Evpatoria completed construction of the largest dolphinarium in Ukraine

In Evpatoria completed construction of a new dolphinarium, which will become the largest not only in the Crimea, but also on the territory of Ukraine. This was reported at the Evpatoria city portal.

As noted in the portal, open the object will be the beginning of the next holiday season.

The auditorium is designed for future dolphin 700 seats. In the center of a swimming pool for two thousand cubic meters of water. Two more tanks (volume 400, and 200 cubic meters) are used for maintenance of pinnipeds.

The roof of the building is in the form of a dome. In the warmer months the central part of the roof over the pool, there will always be open.

In addition, the site notes that special attention is paid to improvement of the park area. In particular, we have planted new trees, and established water supply systems, lighting, laid the track.

Customer advocates the construction of the dolphinarium Scientific-Production Enterprise “Aquamarine.”

Recall now the Dolphinarium in Evpatoria located in a building water treatment facilities and is designed for 250 seats. Construction of the new building began in 2009.

25 January 2012

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