The secret account of Chris Ferguson’s deal with the threat GBT

At least since April 2007 gogda Chris Ferguson moved about $ 60 million payment for distribution of Full Tilt into your bank account, issued in the name of Pocket Kings Ltd. He managed to successfully withdraw or spend about $ 45 million of that money, but about $ 14.3 million was spent on expenses Full Tilt after Black Friday with the permission of the Ferguson. In an attempt to return the money, Ferguson and his lawyer, Ian Imrich threatened to take steps that would prevent a deal between the U.S. Department of Justice and Groupe Bernard Tapie.

30 January 2012

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• City Bank has introduced Internet banking Handybank »»»
Billing banking organization HandyBank reported that joint-stock commercial bank “City”.
• Employees of the Bank persuaded the robber to get money on credit »»»
Bank employees were able to persuade the robber to get money on credit, rather than to commit a robbery.
• White American, robbed banks in the black mask »»»
30-year-old resident of Ohio Conrad Zhdzherak within three hours robbed four banks and a pharmacy.
• The banker who came to live broadcasts with erotic photos, keep work. For him, asked for a naked supermodel »»»
Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr has joined the internet campaign in support of the bank staff caught watching her risque photo shoot in working hours.
• Killed in Afghan soldier comrades left 160 thousand dollars, bequeathing to pull everything in Las Vegas »»»
British Marine David Hart 160 thousand dollars bequeathed his 32 colleagues and acquaintances so that they can with their wives and girlfriends go to Vegas and have fun.