Our loony bin rally for Putin. At a rally in support of the Prime Minister drove psychoneurological boarding pupils

Organizers of the rally in support of Vladimir Putin at the Concert Hall “October” double or even triple, and exaggerated the number of participants. Among the protesters were officials, state employees and students of psycho-neurological boarding.

Organizers of the rally in support of presidential candidate Vladimir Putin “We do not need great shocks! We need a great Russia!” reported that on Saturday at the Big Concert Hall “October” has gathered about 60 thousand people. According to the observations of journalists and protesters, this figure is greatly exaggerated: the people were really a lot, but not so much - a maximum of 25 thousand people.
Those present at the rally people came here clearly organized - on the buses. The street was lined up a fleet of Zhukovsky. As mentioned drivers, they were brought here, “delegation” from large enterprises in St. Petersburg, where did order the mandatory participation in the rally to support Putin. Many drivers in the rally did not participate, they were basking in the bus, looking at his watch, hoping that all this will end soon.
The organizer of the action performed and the Federation of Trade Unions of St. Petersburg area, so make appearance on his distribution list was easy. As the “Rosbalt”, such informal documents were sent to the fire brigade, bus parks, security companies and state corporations, including OAO “Gazprom”. On the eve of the plant employees, “Svetlana” in the media have complained that they would push for a rally. Sad face protesters clearly illustrated the fact that they came here against their will, but openly admitted this a few.
“Driven” to the meeting and boarding pupils psihonevralogicheskih. Thus, a correspondent for “Rosbalt” witnessed as a young man who was standing near the stage with a banner in support of Vladimir Putin, fell ill. While waiting for “fast”, it was found that the young man and his companions came from Peterhof, and more precisely from the Psihonevralogicheskogo boarding school № 3. Explain why they were at the meeting and for their support for Putin, they could not. The teacher, who accompanied the children, did not comment on the incident.

18 February 2012

For the new residence Kadyrov changed the river bed Sunzha. In the area of ​​the residence will be comparable with the Moscow Kremlin
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