With all my heart with a bow and love

February is considered the most severe month of the year, so it is no wonder that this man’s party has appeared in the last winter month. February 23 The whole country[[t:tag slug=strana]country has traditionally marks the Day of Defender of the Fatherland. It is not easy day honoring soldiers iboytsov serving and protecting the country in time of war and hardship. Significant date has long become an unofficial vsvoeobrazny Day all men. Along with the tribute of respect and gratitude to those who bravely defended their homeland from invaders, and who in time of peace is difficult and responsible service, special attention is paid to those who are to come.
Library of “Dialogue” (street Tukhachevsky, 12) on a festive event has invited veterans of the neighborhood councils № 13 and № 16. Chairman of one of the Councils Plyaskin Zinaida congratulated the men present to the upcoming holiday and gave gifts. Concert with congratulations (poems, songs about the army and perky ditties) produced young readers - students of three “B” class of secondary school № 69. Greetings with songs made the club and choir veterans’ crimson bells. ” In honor of the strong half of mankind heard the following songs: “How do you serve?”, “Is a soldier in the city,” “How do I not love this land?”, “Raining song by an accordion,” “Late Love”, “Peddlers”. Completed event friendly cup of tea.

24 February 2012

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Mass brawl with Chechens and Kazakhs shootout near Astrakhan: One killed, two others - wounded

• Heads of CIS countries made a joint statement and called on the world cherish the memory of the victory »»»
Heads of State? CIS is to educate the younger generation a sense of pride in a common heroic history and a great feat in the fight against fascism.
• Happy Victory Day! Ukrainian Anti-Fascist Forum »»»
Dear friends! I heartily congratulate you on the 66 th anniversary of the Victory, the most light and sacred to us all Happy Holidays!
• Today, all over the world celebrate the International Day of Older Persons. »»»
International Day of Older Persons (International Day of Older Persons) celebrated the UN General Assembly annually c October 1.
• Live Classics »»»
The second (city) Round All-Russia competition of readers “Live Classics” was held March 15 at 12:00 pm in the Youth Library.
• Tatyana's Day - Lipetsk »»»
January 24, 2010 at 21.00 Lipetsk Regional Center for the implementation of youth initiatives and projects.