Mass brawl with Chechens and Kazakhs shootout near Astrakhan: One killed, two others - wounded

Today, Astrakhan was transferred to intensive police operation, withdrawing from the holiday weekend. At night in the village Enotaevka Astrakhan region killed a young Chechen man and wounded two more.

In a small cafe, which opened in the village center Enotaevka a month ago, on the evening February 22 there were about fifty visitors. Many came to celebrate the holiday in advance. Kuchkovatsya people in small groups. Most Kazakhs and Chechens. Particularly noisy company was Caucasian, which celebrated the purchase of cars one of their comrades. The young brave boys ordered a vodka, singing, dancing lezginka. The rest of the national coffee shop customers do not like expanse. After a verbal skirmish crowd of Chechens and Kazakhs of the fall of the premises on the street. Just a couple of words and fists went to the cause. Scuffle ended only police who came to the place of incident. To detain anyone they did not. Participants fights solemnly assured that quietly go home and do not be rowdy.

An hour later, the duty of the call came again. Already a shootout. But not near a cafe, a petrol station, which is located on the highway M-6 is 2.5 kilometers from the village. The whole company, after the police UAZ gone, moved there.

- Provisional time of the shooting Beslan Khasanov, a resident of Chechnya, was killed by wounds to the chest. Another one of Aslan Basayev obeh broken leg - it moved to a machine. The third - Datsayev - broken ribs and a concussion. They are now in the hospital. On suspicion of committing perstupleniya detained several people - all of them are Kazakhs, the villagers of the East. On the fact of murder and grievous bodily harm a criminal case. There is an investigation. This deals with the investigation committee - told the “KP” in Enotaevsky police department.

Now on the streets of Astrakhan and regional villages is increased patrols. In multi-ethnic region, and a small spark is enough to national war broke out. And it threatens the real carnage.

24 February 2012

With all my heart with a bow and love
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