Passenger Railways sued 80 thousand rubles. neighbor for the fall from the top shelf

Passenger train “Saratov - Moscow“, which fell a neighbor with a broken top shelf, sued “by the Federal Passenger Company” 80 thousand rubles compensation. This was reported at the Saratov region prosecutor’s office.

A woman complained that the incident has received multiple injuries, and the staff of the train crew did not have the necessary assistance to her, but only offered to land at the nearest station. Injured passenger continued its way to Moscow, during which time none of the conductors and not worried about the state of her health.

In “Federal Passenger Company” rejected the claim, saying that the drop in passengers from the top shelf was his fault, not because of a malfunction. However, the position of the railroad contradicted by the testimony of witnesses who said that the regiment was defective from the very beginning of the trip. Witnesses also said that health care personnel from the train did not get injured, and the anesthetic injection she made one of the passengers.

OAO “Federal Passenger Company” is a subsidiary company “Russian railways”.

24 February 2012

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