Zhukladochnik PRO nulled

Zhukladochnik defense - a program for automatic posting to social bookmarks and themed social network. The name of the program comes from two words: bug + bookmarking. The program is designed as an application under the Windows operating system and is written in C # (in view of this, you must have. Net Framework on your computer). User-friendly interface, expandability, obektnoorientirovannost and so on and so forth.

1 March 2012

Russia does not want the UN General Assembly debated a resolution on Syria
Parrot in the U.S. teaches Swedish to comfort a sick friend

• "Facebook" last connected to social networks that have introduced video call function. "The first million" is already in alpha testing. »»»
The Social Network “OpenID” started testing video. About the same time, developers have notified users of the newsgroup Vkinform a few hours before the New Year.
• New application facebook CoffeeMe »»»
Appendix CoffeeMe works in the social network facebook since 2009.
• On Facebook button will be "do not like" »»»
Facebook is working on the creation of the social network buttons Dislike ("Do not like").
• Ccleaner program to clean the operating system »»»
Working alone programs leave junk file on your computer. Others in the installation and strive to “leak” in startup.
• Online Now »»»
Online - social network of new generation that has no analogues among their own kind.