Ukrainian feminists who had organized “acid” topless rally in Istanbul, sent home

The Turkish authorities deported to his homeland four activists of the Ukrainian movement Femen, that the International Women’s Day March 8 held a rally in Istanbul, reports “Interfax” referring to the Ukrainian “Channel 5″ on Friday evening.

Ukrainian feminists arrived in Istanbul on March 8 at the invitation of a local company producing underwear. In the afternoon they appeared semi-nude near the central mosque in Agia Sophia, and unfurled banners - “H2SO4 - Formula of fear,” “Death to the barbarians,” “Stop Acid Attack”.

Body and face while participating in the action were symbolically mutilated imitations acid burns, injuries and fractures. Activists shouted slogans demanding “stop the genocide of women” in Islamic countries. They were detained by police.

Also Friday, another activist Femen, delayed after the topless action in Moscow on March 4 at the polling station at the Russian Academy of Sciences, where he voted in Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who was sent to Kiev, after serving five days in jail in the center of the content of foreign nationals. Two of her ally continue to serve administrative detention, one planted for 10 days, the second - on 12.

9 March 2012

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