Is there sibling rivalry?

Is there sibling rivalry?
The appearance of a baby into the world - this is a great happiness. Mom and dad are very excited about this birth, because for an older child appeared brother or sister. But how do you respond to the eldest child himself? For now everything will be different. You will need to share not only their personal space, toys, and loving parents. First, the older child does not apply to this newborn. For him, the kid no more than a toy that you can touch and enjoy it. But soon, your firstborn understands that the newborn is settled here permanently. The kid is very often spends time at the hands of his mother and older child does not like it, because all attention is not on him but on this small and helpless little bundle of happiness, which for the first child acts as a serious competitor. In most cases, the reaction of an older child in the baby - it’s aggression. But it is not excluded, and aggression toward parents.

10 March 2012

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