Hundreds of naked cyclists ride in Peru’s capital to protest the disrespectful attitude of drivers and the government

Several hundreds of naked cyclists rode 10 March 11 kilometers through the streets of the capital Lima, Peru, reports Peru21.

Protesters thus protested against the disrespectful attitudes of drivers and the government that does not support cycling. Bicyclists - naked, in underwear or inscriptions on the body, “I love life”, “Respect my bike” - symbolize the fragility of the person on this form of transport. Some of the protesters were in suits. In particular, among the protesters were seen Batman and Spider-Man.

“Some drivers believe that we - the body of the car, believe that we have clothes made of steel, and cast upon us their cars, thus causing the accident, but still does not assist us,” - explained the organizer of the action, the president of the association of urban cyclists Cicloaxion Octavio Segarra (Octavio Zegarra).

A similar action took place in Lima for the seventh time. According to Peru21, in 2012 it was attended by about 200 people, while the Diario Correo reported about 500 activists.

11 March 2012

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