Pirammmida (2011)

About the film Pirammmida:
Russia, early 90’s. Country during the painful transition from a super-centralized planned economy to market relations. Ordinary people, before that lived in the stability criteria, confused and frightened. All of it is in motion, move the situation unfolding before our eyes. Reversible factors contribute to the history of ever release of a variety of professional rogues and impostors. Sergey Mamontov seeks out where to apply yourself and your own intelligence. And it finds. Mammoth books of paper with the layout of important imperial ornate, luxurious pattern, water symbols, and his portrait in the center. Own money, he appoints himself and realizes the value of the type that today is always more expensive than vchera.Startovala vigorous marketing campaign. A little over two weeks is enough, so that folk closely lined up for Mamontovka and Mamontov was almost the hero of the state. And the powerful bankers and texture in a loss of power one has no idea how to stop this mess in the well, and MMM has already gained more than 10 million depositors conspiracies, kidnapping the inhabitants of our planet, car chases, assassinations. And a little bit of love.

15 March 2012

Tangled (2011)
In Arkhyz opened the first resort of the North turklastera

• Collection of children's furniture and interactive animals »»»
Each week, our shop is expanding its range and is becoming more and more children’s products.
• Friends-KGB Putin likened to Ezhov and Beria »»»
Tearing out pages from textbooks and by attaching portraits of “people’s enemies”, as it did under Stalin can not rewrite history.
• The glorious company Skoda motoistoriya »»»
Skoda car brand known worldwide, but few suspected that the history of the company began with the invention of the bicycle.
• The project is eco-ethnographic equestrian sport tour "to the Cossacks in the Quiet Flows the Don" »»»
Tour is designed for all tourists - like active and tourism.
• Rent and rent a limousine in Minsk »»»
Fresh fashion service - Rent Mercedes W221 Long and rent a car for a meeting of the hospital is gaining increasing interest in the city of Minsk.