Tangled (2011)

About the film Tangled:
Charming rogue Flynn wanders through life is easy, simply because he is handsome, talkative, and lucky. And, apparently, luck almost always at his side, until one day he finds a high tower in the thick woods in a serene shelter. But here, “prosak” - our hero, Flynn, is bound hand and foot, a young beauty named Rapuntsel.V if you think that the most interesting thing in it is 21 meters magical golden hair, you’re wrong! Locked in the tower, and desperately seeking the adventure, Prince decides to use Flynn as a ticket to the great world. First comic kidnapping, blackmail innocent then and here are our heroes in the wild. Together with the main characters go to the adventurous journey of a courageous horse, sniffer Maximus, hand chameleon and unpredictable gang of villains.

15 March 2012

Hundreds of naked cyclists ride in Peru’s capital to protest the disrespectful attitude of drivers and the government
Pirammmida (2011)

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