Live Classics

The second (city) Round All-Russia competition of readers “Live Classics” was held March 15 at 12:00 pm in the Youth Library. The competition is conducted under the direction of the Department of Culture and National Policy of Kemerovo region, was attended by students of Kemerovo and regional schools.
All-Russian competition of readers “Live Classics” - a competitive event for reading aloud, that is, recitation. The competition is held to promote reading among children, increasing the reader’s horizons, developing skills adequate perception of printed information, the revival of the traditions of family reading and improving the public interest to libraries and reading in general.
Contestants submitted to the jury excerpts from the prose works of Russian and foreign writers. According to the contest, you can read it as the heart, and using the printed text, as long as the duration of speech does not exceed 3 minutes. Some participants recited passages from the music, the scenic images.
Speeches of the participants rated the following parameters: the choice for the work, competent speech, artistic performances, the depth of penetration into the image system and semantic structure of the text. The winners of the second round of the “Live Classics” began Daria Popova, a student of secondary school № 16, Berezovsky, Elizarov Elisha, a student of lyceum № 62, Kemerovo, and Andrei Nazarov, a student of secondary school № 93 in Kemerovo. The children were awarded with diplomas of winners City All-stage competition for young readers “Live Classics”, and valuable gifts. Ahead of them - participation in the regional stage of the competition.

23 March 2012

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