The Scotsman has shown the red card gulls. Those flown

Once a resident of the Scottish city of Arbroath Ian Watson became annoying seagulls, a 54-year-old man began to look for ways to get rid of this problem - humanely.

Recently, throwing the remains of his daughter’s birthday cake, made in bright red colors of the football club “Manchester United,” the Scot pointed out that the birds did not use to treat. Then he tried to suggest seagulls two trays of food - one with a predominance of red, the other - black. The first birds did not touch the tray, the second - devastated in his eyes, said TayFM.

Then the man began to show red card to the birds - and they no longer fly in his garden. Now Ian is planning to hold a meeting with city officials to possibly extend its expertise to the whole Arbroath.

23 March 2012

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