Ekaterinbugskie bloggers staged a fight with a knife because of the hard-hitting speech on the Internet

Today, March 26, around 11:00 in the office of the deputy of the Yekaterinburg City Duma Leonid Volkov, a fight between two bloggers Jaroslav Shirshikovym Mamatov and Plato. The conflict occurred presumably due to differences in political views, as well as some hard-hitting speech in Internet blogs. It seems so unpleasant that the course has gone even a knife

26 March 2012

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• In the north of Moscow there was a mass brawl between the Muscovites and Caucasians. Caucasians have used knives, four Muscovites hospitalized »»»
In the southern district of Moscow’s Tushino Airfield on the street on Wednesday night there was a mass brawl between local residents and people from the Caucasus.
• Chairman of the Standing Committee on Crime Prevention Deputy Mayor Zarechny organized attack on the recreation of his friends from the 30-bit and travmatikoy »»»
Skirmish on the beach in Zarechny, which hit several people, provoked the wife of deputy chief of staff, making a brawl.
• Participants in the beating of Chechen children's camp "Don" received suspended sentences »»»
Tuapse district court sentenced the Krasnodar Territory in respect of the six defendants.
• In the Moscow subway Dagestani stabbed two fans of "Spartacus" »»»
The Moscow Metro man attacked with a knife on two young men.
• 50 people attacked a police station in the suburbs »»»
The crowd tried to rescue from the department arrested for fighting with police.