Participants in the beating of Chechen children’s camp “Don” received suspended sentences

Tuapse district court sentenced the Krasnodar Territory in respect of the six defendants, who in the summer of 2010 participated in the massacre of 13 tourists in Chechnya in a children’s camp, “Don,” the press service of the boundary prosecutors.

Arthur Boladyan, Gevorg Aghabekyan, Leonid Reznikov, Victor Ingilizyan, Vyacheslav Dzhevelek and Kamo Manukyan were found guilty of disorderly conduct in the group with prior agreement with the use of objects used as weapons by st.213 Part 2 of the Criminal Code. As a result, each was sentenced to two years imprisonment suspended on probation for one year.

According to investigators, 25 July 2010 a group of young people living in the Tuapse district, went to the showdown in the health center, “Don”, having learned from unidentified persons, that there was a conflict with the Russian Chechens. The reason for the massacre, according to the law enforcement agencies have become obsessive harassment of Caucasians to the 14-year-old girl from the Rostov region Sonia Safonova. After a rough refusal Chechen girl campers were called names and hit her.

Seeing a fight, it broke the 37-year-old deputy director of the camp, Boris Usoltsev. Chechens are not only stopped, but attacked him with fists.

The fight continued, after a couple of hours about 150 people, including prisoners, “of hooliganism,” penetrated into the camp to deal with offenders. According to the court case, using sticks and stones, they beat up 13 people from Chechnya, as well as damaged or destroyed property SUE “OK” Don “in the amount of 225,000 rubles.

27 March 2012

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