In celebration of Kim Il Sung North Korea spend a third of the annual budget

Two billion dollars or one third of the annual budget will spend the DPRK government to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Kim Il Sung. Such costs will be the current leadership of North Korea’s ceremonial events, which promise to be unprecedented. This was reported by South Korean media quoted estimates of local government experts.

Recall that the birthday of founder Kim Il Sung will be celebrated on April 15. Kim died in 1994, but still enjoys at home boundless respect of the DPRK people.

According to the calculations of government experts in South Korea, the total cost of celebrations for North Korea’s state budget will be about two billion dollars. If we consider that, according to Seoul, the total cost of the state in North Korea for the year up 5 billion 700 million dollars, will go on holiday about a third of the budget. In addition, the launch rocket satellite, which Pyongyang is scheduled for the period between 12 and 16 April, will cost another additional $ 850 million. This launch is also timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of Kim Il Sung.

As reported by the South Korean edition of “Chosun Ilbo,” North Korea has invited to the celebration of representatives from 48 countries worldwide. Quoting a source, “one of the former Soviet republics,” the newspaper said: “North Korea has invited about 100 representatives from my country, promising to bear the cost of flight and accommodation. I was in Pyongyang several times, but this is the first time that North Korea has such conditions. ” The interviewer, “Chosun Ilbo” and suggested that the total number of foreigners on holiday “close to 10 thousand people.”

DPRK authorities have thoroughly beforehand to prepare for celebrations, paying particular attention to improving the appearance of the capital, where they will mostly be foreigners. Thus, the construction was completed on the 105-storey hotel “Rügen”, a single high-rise block of houses in the metropolitan area Mansudae. There is also a new Heritage Village for tourists and an aquarium.

28 March 2012

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