The deputy, received a suspended sentence for cold-blooded murder, said his release fireworks

The Supreme Council of Justice may lay off three judges of the court Dolgintsevskogo Krivoy Rog, who ruled in the case of former deputy district council Sophia Alexandra Taran, who shot 25-year-old man. Recall incident occurred in June 2010. MP quarreled with the local resident Alexander Yugaem a pond, and then went to his house and shot a machine gun in front of his 6-year-old son. March 21 decision of the district court Dolgintsevskogo, Alexandra Taran was sentenced to two years probation.

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The representative of the relatives of the murdered man, Dmitri Shpenov People’s Deputy, has sent a complaint to the High Council of Justice to check the activities of the judges’ decision is handed down - Hope Prudnik, Andrew Kozak and the Nataliya Seredney. “My son was killed in broad daylight in front of witnesses, and now a murderer on the outside! Moreover, in the evening on March 21 in Sofievka he gave a banquet in honor of its release and launched fireworks into the sky!” - Says the victim’s stepfather, Vladimir Boyko, adding that the same judge two years ago, rendered a similar verdict yet another former deputy district Sophia - Guliyu Alexander, who, while driving their own cars, the death of two women knocked down.

“We have asked the Attorney General that the matter was taken under control. Also, we wrote an application to the Supreme Rada of Justice asking for violating the judicial oath to dismiss judges who rendered the decision unlawful,” - says the head of the subcommittee on the judicial system and status of judges and explains Dmitry Shpenov that the first court - Krivoy Rog district court - appointed Taran 14 years in prison. However, he appealed the verdict and the case was sent for review to the Dolgintsevsky Court, which dismissed the murderer.

The brother who was killed, Mr Yugai, says Alexander Taran trying to hush up the case. ‘Widow, he bought an apartment in Krivoy Rog, and she refused the claim. And I hope the Chief Justice Prudnik reported that the defendant will be convicted on the article “Excess defense measures” and supposedly for my silence Taran rewrite their agro on me. But I want that he was punished! ” - Said Dmitry.

29 March 2012

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