In Moscow, Red Square is blocked. The authorities feared flash mob with balls and ribbons

In Moscow, Red Square blocked, the correspondent of “” The reasons for the overlap information is not available, but we know that April 1 on the area of ​​action was to be the movement “For Fair Elections”, whose supporters were planning to come to the area with white ribbons.

The area is covered in full - by Vasilevsky descent from Ilinka and from Manege Square. According to the Twitter movement “For Fair Elections”, the area into a megaphone to announce that it is closed “in connection with illegal activities.”

As told “” one of the policemen, the area will be closed until late evening. Despite the overlap area organizers urge people to come and gather at kilometer zero.

Official comments on the overlapping area yet. The press service of Russia’s FSB “” reported that the maintenance of order on the area involved in the Federal Security Service of Russia.

A week ago, a similar rally in Red Square over detentions. Then 33 people were detained, with white ribbons. A similar campaign activists “for fair elections,” tried to hold on Red Square on March 8, was then arrested seven people.

To avoid closure of the area and detentions, April 1 action to the movement intended as a flash mob, she did not have a specific start and end, people are simply invited to “walk in the historical center of Moscow with friends at any time by April 1.”

1 April 2012

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