How to get acquainted with the guy in the transport

Each year the pace of life gets faster. I think you, yourself, and caught myself thinking that the day is getting shorter. The city does not stand still, all moving away. Every day you are together with all the poison of study or work. Time for personal life is almost gone. And the years go by, youth passes. When asked friends, but when you finally find a guy, you just shrug your shoulders and mind that no product is perfect, and even where he met when in the morning, evening, or to what you want and take a bath before going to bed and watch your favorite gear. There is a way.

3 April 2012

In Moscow, Red Square is blocked. The authorities feared flash mob with balls and ribbons
Website security organizations and agencies, business security. Antireyderstvo.

• Work Volzhsk »»»
I myself, in late afternoon, work in lower vacancy ascertained and the sound dies down, a loud knocking.
• Today, all over the world celebrate the International Day of Older Persons. »»»
International Day of Older Persons (International Day of Older Persons) celebrated the UN General Assembly annually c October 1.
• Life - fastfood »»»
Life - fast food. Outside, 21, and the rhythm, style, lifestyle and way of thinking of many people similar to fast food, life - fast food.
• Vladikavkaz girl »»»
I was divorced a couple of months ago. The apartment has remained with me, he went to his mother.
• Lord Browne: in Russia need to send employees homosexuals to the attitude towards them changed for the better »»»
According to the chairman "Cuadrilla" Lord Browne, "British companies should send their gay employees in countries like Russia.