7 golden rules for building your own home

Who has not dreamed of building a house, a few floors with many rooms. Some, of course, prefer not to bother, and entrust it to builders. But, first it is more expensive, and secondly - it is one thing, when the building construction, for it is just another order, another is to build a case for himself. All the main aspects that you need to know about building a house can be put in 7 points. A. Build a house only in accordance with the project. The project is not too much, this document is built, which oversees the construction and architectural quality of the house.

7 April 2012

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Copper Cookware

• The state will finance the "project of the century" at the expense of the pension airbags »»»
National Welfare Fund (NWF), to ensure the stable operation of the pension system, becoming one of the few sources of financing for large infrastructure projects.
• In Donetsk, in the dilapidated factory will open an international art center »»»
Photo: izolyatsia.org reconstruction of the building took up the architects of London about this Korrespondent.
• In Evpatoria completed construction of the largest dolphinarium in Ukraine »»»
In Evpatoria completed construction of a new dolphinarium, which will become the largest not only in the Crimea, but also on the territory of Ukraine.
• Interior build a swimming pool with sauna for the VIP 485 million rubles »»»
Center owner-developer of the Interior Ministry Russia intends to sign a contract to build the pool in the army of “Buildings of the military camp in subsection Knyajevo (Volokolamsky Moscow Region.
• For the new residence Kadyrov changed the river bed Sunzha. In the area of ​​the residence will be comparable with the Moscow Kremlin »»»
Very soon will be put into operation the main residence of the President of the Chechen Republic, which is located in the center of Grozny.