One school uniform: a student dressed as the 21st century?

This work is devoted to studying the relationship to the school uniform. The relevance of this work is due to the fact that a single law school uniform in Russian schools today are not introduced. Many schools from different regions of the Russian Federation have already exercised their right and ordered students to wear uniforms, so the debate about the need for a uniform school uniforms lately broke out with renewed vigor. This means that the topic is very timely work.
Objective: To determine the necessity of introducing a single school uniform in the Russian Federation and to explore all aspects of this problem.
Research hypothesis: if students receive more information on the history of a single school uniform in Russia and in the world will see various options for school costumes, learn the experts’ opinion on this issue, we will develop a common approach to the introduction of school uniforms.

9 April 2012

“Resorts of the North Caucasus” will give the whole Russian Tourism
Lord British has announced a reward of 16 million dollars for the capture of the Obama and Bush

• In Saudi Arabia, opened the first school of striptease »»»
26-year-old British stripper Lucy Misch was a real hero of our time and the founder of the first school Shestov striptease in Saudi Arabia.
• Tasks for students on December 24 from Andrew Konyayeva »»»
On the eve of December 10th all Moscow schools were required to spend a day meeting at the Swamp area tests in the Russian language.
• The U.S. State Department congratulated the Russians on the Day of Russia and conveyed greetings from the official representative Jen Psak »»»
"Jen asked me to give Psak Hello. Happy Russia!" - Wrote in the Twitter-conference for Russian users Deputy Psak Marie Harf.
• American schoolboy, hitched to his nipples "crocodiles" and received electric shock, sued because he was not warned about the danger of electric shock »»»
A student of a school in Dover, 18-year-old Kyle Dubois in March this year, right during the lesson, put on both his nipple clamps, “crocodiles”, and then another student stuck in the socket line.
• In Primorye, the students and teachers were driven to the festival at gunpoint »»»
As reported by RIA “Date’s” Senior Assistant Attorney Maritime Elena Telegin.