Lord British has announced a reward of 16 million dollars for the capture of the Obama and Bush

Member of the House of Lords, Nazir Ahmed of the United Kingdom, dissatisfied with the beginning of the hunt for the leader of the group “Legion lawful” Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, has announced a reward of 16 million dollars for the capture of U.S. President Barack Obama and George W. Bush wrote on Monday, The Express Trubune.

The fact that Washington is willing to pay for the capture of Sayid, is an affront to the dignity of the Muslim world, he said.
“If the U.S. can promise $ 10 million for the capture of Hafiz Saeed, I am authorized to announce a reward of 10 million pounds for President Obama and his predecessor - George W. Bush,” - said Ahmed, wrote The Express Tribune.

British politician said that he was ready to pay the fee, even if it will sell the whole property.

Nazir Ahmed criticized the bureaucracy and in Pakistan, noting that many British investors wanted to invest in Pakistan’s economy, but the cutoff level of corruption would not let them do it.

16 April 2012

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