The choice of light-brown facade administration has spent two months of Vladivostok

Neither members nor residents of the selected color does not suit

In Vladivostok, April 16 a meeting of the Committee on Budget, Taxes and Finance. Deputies reviewed the budget performance for 2011 in the field of public utilities.
In carrying out measures to restore the facades of apartment buildings MPs interested in the question of who and what colored house on Avenue 100 years of Vladivostok in a light brown color.
“Who chose this color? This architecture of such paints choose? Settle to the architect, in front of these houses, though,” admires “- outraged deputy Yuri Vitsienko.
As the representative of the administration, the choice of color solutions specialists spent two months.
“In fact, how to choose color, we spent two months. The meeting was attended not only by specialists from the city administration, but an independent commission., Including Moscow’s authority came to an architect. I understand that someone does not like, but this opinion specialist, “- said an administration official.
As noted by the deputy Oleg Velgodsky, time spent on the decision to paint the house in a light brown color, is wasted.
“I realized that in order to paint the homes in this color, the commission has spent two months of his time. I asked the question, Igor Pushkarev about how it was possible to choose a color. He replied, saying, dear, the paintings of Salvador Dali, too, not everyone likes” - said Oleg Velgodsky.
Recall, the first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov has already expressed his dissatisfaction with the repair of the facades of houses. “In some houses … we were just wondering: a little grease paint facades. I believe this is even an insult to the citizens, and their dissatisfaction with fully share. House have to repaint.”

17 April 2012

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