The glorious company Skoda motoistoriya

Skoda car brand known worldwide, but few suspected that the history of the company began with the invention of the bicycle. Yes, yes, the bike, but with an amendment motorized bicycle. Nice to see, there were times - ordinary mechanic self-taught and a simple seller of books from a provincial Czech town LaurinKlement registered trademark, and despite the complete lack of resources, expertise and … Recommendations
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19 April 2012

In the north of Moscow there was a mass brawl between the Muscovites and Caucasians. Caucasians have used knives, four Muscovites hospitalized
Civic activists have checked the documents of the police

• What sets Fusion »»»
In 1998 he founded the firm Fusion. Among similar manufacturing companies in the entertainment and electronic systems for cars, the company Fusion is the only example of a successful symbiosis.
• Started test electric cars BMW ActiveE »»»
Prior to the sale of electric machines entirely Bavarian BMW automobile plant is not a lot of time and therefore the firm begins to test a long personal electric vehicles in real conditions.
• Bikers Putin was given the title "Hell's Angels' »»»
July 24, Prime Minister of Russia took part in the bike show in Sebastopol, organized by the All-Russian youth organization “Night Wolves”.
• Briton prepares to break the world speed record on lawn mower »»»
On Sunday, May 23 in South Wales will attempt to break the world speed record for a lawn mower.
• Want to earn revenue?? I know that you want »»»
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