Civic activists have checked the documents of the police

April 22 civil society activists carried out in several cities of Russia “Day of verification of documents.” The action at the Moscow metro station “Ulitsa 1905″, according to our correspondent, was attended by 15 people.

Each participant received a postcard in which the data were recorded without a police permit, or an icon. Activists also have chocolate medals, their supposed to hand over to police who were carrying the necessary documents. Then, all divided into groups, some participants went to the side of the square of three stations, some went to the Temple of Christ the Saviour, and another piece to the Red Square.

Unfortunately, not all law enforcement officials were ready for the inspection of documents. For instance, the guard of the building of the Main Interior Department of the Moscow region had no badges. According to the head office, they have not issued badges. In a representative traffic police on duty at the Manege Square, and there was no icon. After learning about the action, the employee stated that the icon is hanging on his winter coat, and then opened the trunk and put on this jacket.

With this action the Russians verify compliance with the fifth paragraph of Article 25 of the Law “On Police”, which came into force in March 2011. Earlier, representatives of the Ministry of Interior said that for such “arbitrariness” of the citizens will be punished according to law. According to the department, such inspections infringe upon the legitimate rights of citizens.

22 April 2012

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