Dalnegorsk MPs fought back because of the direct election of mayor

Trying to hold a meeting of the Duma committee for the return of direct mayoral elections in the fight ended Dalnegorsk deputies, the press service of the administration of the urban district.

Earlier, MPs have amended the charter, which allowed them to elect the head of administration of the city from its members. March 19, they prematurely sacked mayor of Gregory Krutikova and elected new head of the City Duma speaker Alexander Terebilova. The illegality of actions parliamentarians recognized the prosecutor and the court. According to the court, the statute must be brought to the standards - back in the direct election of head of administration.

“April 23 was disrupted a committee meeting on Urban Affairs Council Dalnegorsk. Its chairman, Alexander Terebilov attacked with fists to the head of the Duma committee Dmitry Lutsuka, expressed in his address to the rough form. The conflict was the refusal of the speaker to provide the necessary documents to the committee. Lutsuk already addressed the police, “- said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the press service stressed at the meeting had considered the draft statute of the district, which returns the direct election of the head Dalnegorsk urban district.

“The failure of today’s committee meeting, of course, also would delay work on the city charter,” - said in a statement.

As reported, the struggle for power in Dalnegorsk attracted the attention of provincial authorities and party leaders of the regional offices of the “United Russia” and the Communist Party. Earlier, party members made a joint appeal to Dalnegorsk MPs called for back in direct elections, or disband. According to leaders of the regional branch of the party, “district established in the negative political situation an extremely negative impact on the lives of people.”

This, in particular, confirm the data from a survey conducted on the streets of the city: 37% of citizens are willing to go to the streets to protest.

Krutikov was elected head of the district in October 2007 for a term of five years, and in late October this year, his tenure is coming to an end.

During the period 2000-2005 in Dalnegorsk had four head. In the 2006 mayoral election resulted in the murder of one of the candidates. Talk of the second round of elections United Russia Dmitry Fotyanov October 19, was shot in front of his own campaign headquarters of the Kalashnikov assault rifle. From his injuries the same day he died in hospital.

23 April 2012

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