50 people attacked a police station in the suburbs

The crowd tried to rescue from the department arrested for fighting with police. The conflict broke out with police because of a quarrel in the cafe.

In the city of Moscow inflames the conflict between the owners of a local cafe “Daria” and the police, almost vylivshiysya into riots.

The standoff began after a mass brawl that took place on Saturday evening, April 21.

- Employees of a cafe in the 1st district of the city of Moscow argue that this evening at a school vacation policemen in civilian clothes - told Life News source in the local police. - According to them, between the law enforcement officers and employees, “Daria,” there was a conflict, a fight broke out, which hit a pregnant woman.

The next day at the institution was under attack - several people in civilian clothes, smashed shop windows cafe.

Apparently, the owners decided to take revenge. Near the “Daria” were about a dozen armed men bit, but put them in motion, they did not have time.

In place of the departed police patrol led by Lt. Kosukhin. Operatives, assessing the situation, called for reinforcements. Three of the “Avengers” were detained.

- Interior Ministry officials demanded to stop the foul language and to produce documents, but the gathering did not respond. Then the police started to detain troublemakers - continues our source. - Those resisted, many managed to escape.

As part of the duty Communard OP eventually brought 37-year-old Serzhik M., 33-year-old David O., and 38-year-old Arsen G.

However, in this turmoil did not end there. About 2 o’clock in the morning to the building of the police tightened a crowd of relatives and friends of the detainees.

The building immediately stepped up security and deal with the situation and had to be. a. Head of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Leninsky district of Colonel Kachur. After hours of persuasion, went home unhappy.

The press service of the Research Affairs of the Moscow Region Life News confirmed the information about the arrest of three people at the cafe “Daria” and its aftermath at the OP “Kommunarsk.” However, commenting on the statement by the owners of a cafe brawl, police arranged the day before, refused. Look at the Lifenews.ru

23 April 2012

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