The Grand Kremlin Palace: Boris Godunov. Alexander Garden and Little Nikita: Beria. Kuznetsk bridge: the specter of a French milliner Zhuzhu, who during his lifetime was the mistress of the famous art patron Savva Morozov. Tverskaya Street: Bulgakov’s cat Behemoth. Ostankino: a terrible old woman with a crutch, predicts people when they leave this world. Crossroads at the Sukharev: the spirit of the famous magician James Bruce.

24 April 2012

The discovery of electricity
Unpretentious sconces from the cans

• The revival of racing at "plows" »»»
This project will involve several streets in the city of Kurgan, who often indulge their citizens this kind of entertainment.
• 123-centimeter dlinnokot hit the Guinness Book of Records »»»
Cote, who lives in the city of Reno in western Nevada, is recognized by the longest domestic cat in the world, reported Agence France-Presse.
• Astral cord: Moscow police detained correctors fate »»»
November 13 Tver district court detained 11 people who, according to investigators.
• The revolution, which for so long spoke news2 not perfected »»»
Small place with a eksklyuzivchik accomplishments nedorevolyutsii This landmark in the history of the world in particular and the U.
• "Black Cat" ran through the city? »»»
On Friday, March 25 at the Ryazan Youth Palace hosted the first stage XXIV Interregional Festival of Contemporary Dance “The Black Cat 2011.