The conclusions you really have done wrong.
Yes, in the blood of most adults (which, strictly speaking, are the donors, which is prepared from the blood of immunoglobulins and other drugs), usually have antibodies to measles, rubella, mumps, and these antibodies can definitely make the vaccine ineffective (or not enough effective). Hence, in the instructions and the “Special instructions”, you have studied in detail.
Nevertheless, recombinant interferon has no relation to the medications, which are prepared from human blood. Production of recombinant products is carried out by specific biotech and no contact with human blood in the production process there. There is not only the recombinant but also human leukocyte interferon (one that is dripping into the nose), but in which this drug whatsoever antibodies (immunoglobulins) are absent. The conclusion - the use of drugs on the basis of leukocyte and recombinant interferons has no influence on the conduct of immunization, ie, vaccine in this situation and we can do, and should be.

29 April 2012

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