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B. Was registered on the forum now trying to go, but this does not have a login. Why not?
A. Due to the fact that a large number of people registered, and comes to wine punch or ask a question or two in the “P and E”, we have removed logins for which no hits over 6 months. We assume that if a person interested in life, he visited more than once in six months. :) The old username can not be restored, just sign up again.

29 April 2012

Angry Lady

• Obschetematichesky Forum »»»
Good day, we invite you to visit our Obschetematichesky Forum. Forum for communication and good mood.
• The choice of light-brown facade administration has spent two months of Vladivostok »»»
Neither members nor residents of the selected color does not suit In Vladivostok, April 16 a meeting of the Committee on Budget, Taxes and Finance.
• "By ear" - handing out presents! »»»
Service “” will hand out gifts to their best customers! Hit of the top users.
• 1.5 million Russians had settled on foreign beaches. Russian tourists, weary of the crisis, suppressed the activity of crazed tour operators. »»»
Russian tourists, weary of the crisis, literally crushed its activity crazed tour operators.
• Village notes. 60 kilometers - and you're on another planet »»»
For several days I live in the countryside - enjoy the sun and warmth.